Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays... and FYI

I should be posting fast nationals next week for Marc at Happy Holidays to him, and to all of you!

As I live on the West Coast and will, potentially, be using my Xmas-NYE hiatus to (a) sleep, and (b) write, I can't guarantee especially timely posting... but they will get posted! Ideally on/around/by 10am PT (ideally, for me, I suppose?)

I do not believe I will be getting final ratings for Thursday until Monday, which means that all of next week leading up to NYE will likely be delayed versus the normal schedule.

I have been meaning to make some actual blog posts here... but I've been deeply involved in a new script which I hope to finish a first draft of by December 31st (scratch that... I insist on myself that I finish by 12/31). Some degree of actual blogging (as opposed to just tweeting) will resume in the New Year.

One hopes.

Again... happy holidays!