Sunday, December 23, 2007


Hello, teh interwebz!

My name is Travis Yanan (not really, but that's a tangential story for another time, perhaps). I live in Los Angeles, I love watching television, I occasionally participate in the creation of television (I'm a writer, but you won't find this name on any "written by" credit on IMDb, so no need to look), and I love talking about television.

But most of all, I love talking about television ratings. When I wake up in the morning, one of the first thoughts in my head is "I hope the fast nationals are out" so I can analyze them (why? because I'm a NERD about them... the same way some of my friends need to know every statistic about every team in baseball... of which neither obsession is really healthy, compared to, you know... having a life).

I post quite a bit on Marc Berman's Programming Insider Feedback Forum, occasionally filling in for Marc on his ratings-posting duties when he asks.

As above, I'm a writer, but I also like some reality shows (I decried them several years ago as a signal of the end of the American Century, which may have been true of The Swan, but that was before I was introduced to entertaining and addicting fare like Top Chef and The Amazing Race).

But enough about me. This blog is about TV, TV ratings, and the shows I watch (should they ever return... please, AMPTP, get back to the table!) As the next few days and weeks progress, I'll be posting my thoughts on the TV I'm watching, ratings information (which may be sparse at first because of company losures thanks to "silly things" like the holidays... by the way, happy holidays), my own personal thoughts and spin on the night's ratings, and more. Should be fun!

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