Sunday, September 7, 2008


So last year's VMAs sucked, right? The whole "side party" thing in various hotel rooms at the Vegas location... sucked. So this year... we're on a soundstage on the Paramount lot in LA. Yeah.

Anyone else miss the old VMAs (you know, back when MTV was relevant and played music videos) in, like the Met in NYC? Big stage, big production values, big crowd, big deal... just big. This year the promotions promised music and mayhem...

... but it opens feeling so very, very small. And controlled and contrained. Though BritBrit's looking hot!

At least they let Rihanna do an entire song (last year, when she had the biggest hit of the year in "Umbrella" they only let her perform for about 90 seconds).

Ugh, Russell Brand just went political in his opening monologue. He's amusingly frenetic with his pacing and the jerking of his head... and his incredibly skin-tight black pants and shiny belts.

Anyone else amused by the cut from Jamie Foxx saying "give it up for the ladies" to Zac Efron looking like he couldn't care less about the ladies? Just saying.

OMFG BRITBRIT JUST WON A VMA. Kinda hard to believe that about a decade after she landed on the scene she's finally won one of these increasingly pointless awards. Let the comeback begin - again - bitches!

... why is Demi Moore presenting? Damn, woman's got legs to infinity.

Okay, they brought the old "scope" back for the second half of the Jonas Brothers' performance crowding the backlot streets. I still don't get them.

I'm not sure if Lil Wayne is grabbing his crotch just because or if he's regretting the oh-so-sagging-pants thing.

Dammit, I wish I'd recorded the pre-show! Apparently Fanny Pak and Kaba Modern threw down. Well, I'm sure it'll be on YouTube... and probably already is, as I'm watching on the tape delayed west coast. Woo! Fanny Pak! Ah, ubiquitous PCD song. We are so not tired of you.

Bah! I can't watch the Twilight cast presentation. I'm only 3/5 of the way through the book and I refuse to let my reading experience be altered (I also refuse to watch the trailer). Oh my god, Russell Brand is insane.

Pink looks amazing. And this is definitely my favorite song out of her since "God Is A DJ" (although, yes, there's a place in my heart for "Dear Mr. President" and I liked the other singles from "I'm Not Dead" just fine).

Jordin. Don't call me a slut. I still love you.


The acceptance speeches have really been kept to a few sentences... Oscars take note!

... and Britney obvs rehearsed one thank you speech because she basically repeats the same thank yous on win number two. Nice.

There don't seem to be a lot of awards this year. We're just above 2 hours in and they're at Video of the Year? BritBrit threepeat!

... and Russell Brand has absconded with Britney. I'm so confused.

As Kayne wraps up... I have to wonder. Why did MTV choose to have Katy Perry bookend a set of commercials with "Like a Virgin" and "I Kissed a Girl"? Why not let her have the main stage and perform? I mean... what? Sigh, the VMAs now are certainly not the VMAs of yesterdecade. For something that promised music and mayhem... I gotta say... didn't really deliver much of either...

Also, much as I *do* want Brit to have a genuine comeback... a year in which "Piece of Me" was Video of the Year? Is a sad one for music video as an, er, art form. Was Justice's "D.A.N.C.E." eligible this year or last?

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Anonymous said...

Travis, if you get ratings info for VH1 last night opposite the VMAs, please post it. I'd love to know how many people were watching a text mesasage telling them to tune to MTV instead.

I agree that the VMAs seemed small held in a warehouse rather than a theatre.

Christina Aguilera...that could have been a standin. Lipsincing...and it didn't even look like her.

Why was the show set up to air performances during the commercials? Several performers, most notably Katie Perry, sung songs that didn't really appear in the show becasue MTV went to commercial. they should have gone to commercial during Russell Brand's standup acts.