Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Villains, and other Monday Television

I'm still not watching the next chapter (given the oh-so-been-there-done-that of the glimpse at the "Fugitives" volume... really, another X-Men plot rip... although knowing me I'm sure I'm going to watch the first episode just as I'm watching the 24 premiere against all logic) but is it possible that from the series' worst season, the best volume finale was made? I mean, they did kill off a LOT of characters, which at the very least helps the series concentrate-ish on the few characters the few viewers may still have an affinity for.

Perhaps it's all relative.

I wasn't vastly entertained during the first half of the episode, but I think it built to several decent, if separate, climaxes.

Ironic that Ando gained a power and it's AMPLIFYING OTHER PEOPLE'S POWERS. Meaning he's still got nothing on his own. Also Hiro is now powerless? My guess is that's undone during the next premiere, although NOT having a time traveler (er, except Peter? or does he need to reacquire all the powers he previously absorbed so now only has the power to fly like Nathan?) will help avoid the time travel plot device the show always falls into (and they have brought back the African version of Isaac Mendez meaning the show will continue to rely on paintings that show the future).



How I Met Your Mother - hilarious Christmas episode (Barney's sexually charged parody carols!) capped off by one of the best/most unexpected tags the show has ever had (Marshall in a Canadian bar with Robin karaoke-ing Robin Sparkles' "Let's Go to the Mall")! Ted is a dick and I'm glad Barney and Ted's sister showed him, using Lily's new inability to keep a secret.

Big Bang Theory - the show's first Christmas episode, and of course Sheldon has his own special holiday. So glad I was (easily) convinced to not remove this from my DVR series recording list. Also Michael Trucco! That reminds me, BSG in one month! Have you been watching the webisodes?

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Anonymous said...

I watched the first episode of Heroes this season and then I gave it up. I've always felt that Heroes couldn't do plot. They can manage individual scenes and HRG is the awesome, but overall nothing matters because they re-set too often. You're a villain , now you're a hero , haha you're really a villain pretending to be a hero.
HIMYM - Robin and Marshall at the bars was hilarious. I hope we can see both bars again.
Strip to the pelt! Barney and Ted's sister are lying about lying that they didn't have sex.
Big Bang- I'm so glad you didn't give up on this show, Travis. I thought Sheldon's geekgasm over Leonard Nimoy's DNA was the best ever scene of the show.
I haven't been watching the BSG webisodes , but I am ready for the show to come back. I think Adama is the final cylon.