Friday, June 12, 2009

Screener Reviews... Forthcoming!

They are. I swear. Just not today or this weekend (it's LGBT Pride in LA, after all).

Anyway, screeners are still pouring in / making their way to me. I don't have everything (yet).

A brief note... NO ONE has Flash Forward. No one. I have friends on the show, and they don't even have it (in fact, there is some super crazy protocol for the scripts to ensure that there aren't even any electronic copies being distributed).

Of course, my theory is, and always will be, that the real reason to watch these screeners is to watch the BUSTED pilots (the ones that don't get picked up) to see why... not to watch something months in advance of its premiere. Though in special cases (i.e. Glee) it's nice to know what I'm going to be obsessed with well in advance.

Please, please, please don't e-mail me to get copies of these. I simply can't do that. It would be a total breach of trust.

1 comment:

Garrett said...

Would you like me to get you a copy of Flash Forward? Because I can.

You really just have to know the right people. Though, I suppose, at this point I've proven myself to be the "right people" in your life. Whatever will you do come October?