Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some thoughts on Wednesday Ratings from September 30, 2009

Posted finals at PIFeedback ( and quarter hour breakdowns for the series premieres of Hank and of The Middle (

I'm thrilled that Glee picked up a little bit (and SYTYCD was up versus what it's been doing this fall season). Last night was great. So much music.

While I didn't like the pilots of either Hank of The Middle (in fact, I disliked Hank so much that I didn't even consider watching the rewritten / reshot pilot to review it... just no interest) and they didn't exactly light up the ratings sky with fireworks... thus far, this Comedy Wednesday that ABC has scheduled is doing MUCH better than I'd anticipated in the ratings. Especially Modern Family and Cougar Town... if they can maintain these numbers in the coming weeks, they'll top Samantha Who's first few episodes' average (and that was coming out of the DWTS Monday performance show when the 9pm half-hour of DWTS was pulling a 5+ in A18-49). As a reminder, last week DWTS at 8:30pm provided a 3.6/11 lead-in, while this week The Middle was 2.6/8. Eastwick has to stop its viewer and demo bleed out of Cougar Town ASAP if it's going to get a back nine. Interesting how much trouble ABC has had, and continues to have, at 10pm. Private Practice is sure to be strong tonight after the whopper of a cliffhanger from last season, but thus it might be the only one above a 3.0 if Brothers & Sisters drops even 0.1

Also, this week, the CBS 8pm comedies took a hit against the ABC comedies. We'll see what happens next week... will viewers and demo return to Old Christine and Gary Unmarried, or will they stick with Hank and The Middle? My guess is Hank suffers (as the 15 minutes drop-off is troubling). I'm not certain about The Middle.

Onto Reality... taking DWTS out of the 8pm hour helped both Top Model and SYTYCD, which all posted highs compared to recent episodes. I guess two reality shows on at the same time on the broadcast networks is the saturation point?

Finally, there's the much maligned Mercy. As I tweeted, I was coerced into watching this episode. Highly predictable. Had some fun, silly moments. And I still like Taylor Schilling as Veronica. But I wouldn't tune back in... there's no reason to. Seen it all before. However... it's on NBC. It only fell 10% this week (from a 2.3 to a 2.1). That's... kinda... good news for NBC? Right?

Tonight... I am recording 12.5 hours of TV. Yes, I know.


Ted said...

Don't know if you watched "Eastwick" 1x2, but it was quite good. Know you didn't love the pilot but I think this show is creatively interesting. I know Rina Mimoun wrote ep 4. I wonder if this show might do better with more promotion or maybe switching with Brothers and Sisters. Do you have any thoughts?

Travis Yanan said...


I have long felt that Eastwick belonged after Desperate Housewives on Sunday, and I was very disappointed with ABC for not moving B&S from that spot (where I love it... a great way to end my weekend). I had felt that B&S belonged on Tuesdays at 10pm after the DWTS Results show... but now that ABC has this Comedy Wednesday thing that's all about family... doesn't it MAKE MORE SENSE for Brothers & Sisters, which is dramatic but with comic moments, to be on Wednesdays at 10pm?

I did watch Eastwick 1x2, as I have friends who work on the show (who I am assured have NOT read my review... as they are still talking to me...) and I thought it an improvement on the pilot. Though I didn't understand why DVH was giving them those gifts in the first place. I like the layering of Eastwick history and mystery. A good small town feel. It's still clich├ęd up the wazoo... but in the fun way I had hoped the pilot would be. It's utterly harmless. Not bad.