Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I Have Returned!

A little worse for wear...

I finished a draft of my pilot on Friday, sent it out. Was getting all ready to get back to ratings posting, catching up on stuff I'd missed.

And then Sunday my hard drive failed.

Monday was spent running around LA trying my best to get it repaired / data recovered.

I did not fully succeed in getting all my files back (thankfully I had a backup of all my writing EXCEPT the script I'd just finished... and thankfully that was in e-mail as a PDF so I can just copy / paste into Final Draft and spend some tie reassigning elements... and it'll all be fine), but I didn't lose EVERYTHING.

Will be spending the next couple days trying to retrieve / recompile stuff I couldn't get off the busted HD, and taking breaks to post back-ratings (in the predominantly repeat world of late December, I'm only going to post original ratings...), but I will be posting current ratings as they come out. Then, perhaps, I'll have time to post thoughts on stuff - i.e. Better Off Ted: awesome - but in more detail than that.

In short... back up your hard drives, kids.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is frightening.

Anonymous said...

Hello! TravisYanan. I am LCpiFB @ Last Night's Results. My English is not so well. Could you help me? I think you are good at giving us amazing info. I want to know America's Next Top Model rating from C1 to C6. Plus C7 premiere's data. Because Marc's data didn't show the detail. Could you help me? Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops, I forgot to ask how can I contact you? Via your blog?

Anonymous said...

"Then, perhaps, I'll have time to post thoughts on stuff - i.e. Better Off Ted: awesome - but in more detail than that."
I know there is no hope for a 'Better Off Ted' renewal, but I have been campaigning in my own way for this against-all-odds renewal to happen (just like it did last May), mostly in the hope that another network wanting to get on the good side of 20th Television will pick up this gem of a comedy (after ABC, F/X remains the best shot).

Sadly, I've given up hope on Emmy coming to the rescue of 'Better Off Ted'. I honestly think the members of the Academy are somewhat bewildered by this comedy, archly suspicious that it's in some way mocking them in a way they can't quite fathom, but their kids are in on the joke.

For what it's worth, on bended knee to Mr. Steven McPherson, to please give us a third season of 'Better Off Ted', even if its just a little six-episode order to be deployed in the 2010-11 third season, just before next years upfront, so I can go prostrate once again with all the begging for another season.

Anonymously, DuMont

Anonymous said...

"Tuesday, January 12, 2010...I finished a draft of my pilot on Friday, sent it out."
Dare I ask, but was the pilot script picked up?

If it has gone to pilot and is under active consideration, I do wish you the best.

If it gets picked up and graces broadcast primetime (I subscribe to very few cablers), I somehow feel I will recognize your style when I see it, and I will likely like it too given the other series on tv that we both find praiseworthy.

So good luck, and I sincerely hope my best wishes are not an unintended curse.

Anonymously, DuMont

Travis Yanan said...

@Anonymously, DuMont

It was for a writing sample for this year's staffing season. I'm hoping to get into development with it (as well as the pilot script I completed in April), but for the most part unless a script is written by August at the VERY latest, it's not for that season's crop (besides the unfortunate fact that very few writers who aren't "names" sell a "spec pilot" that they've written and networks bid for these days).

I'm conflicted about announcing via blog what show(s) I'm working on at any given time. I like the pseudo-anonymity of this blog and it lets me express my actual opinion without being bogged down by industry politics. So, hopefully, you will be able to recognize it!