Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm going to be away from the computer this weekend, but I'm bringing some scripts with me to try and cut down on the pile!

A little tease (um, because I'm not done with the script yet... about 15 pages to go) on HAWAII 5-0, which if you believe Nikki Finke's PRIMETIME PILOT PANIC word-of-mouth polling from about 7 people across the various networks, studios, agencies, etc all trying to push their clients' and favorite projects' buzz, has come in fantastic.

The script is AMAZING.

The original series is WAY before my time and I've never seen an episode of it. I don't know (and, frankly, don't care) how close it is to the original. I mean, it is a remake.

Doesn't change the fact that GOD DAMN this script knows drama and conflict and theme and...

Anyway, I'm excited. By a CBS procedural script.

Of course, we all know that my ability to judge these is poor at best since they aren't traditionally my cup of tea. What with my really liking the Washington Field script last season and it turning into the campiest piece of camp that ever camped when the screener came out. But Hawaii 5-0 has something on WF in that it spends the first 9 pages making us really, really, really give a flying f*** about the lead character. While also blowing up tanks and helicopters in South Korea and giving us a universal theme to sink our teeth into.

Anyway... there's your tease. Seeya in another life, bruthas.

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Anonymous said...

I did watch the original 'Hawaii Five-O' when it was the tentpole on CBS Thursdays, out of 'The Waltons' and in to 'Barnaby Jones'. It was watchable, rather violent (lots of gunshots per episode), but hardly amazing. The Hawaiian locations distinguished the series as a nice break from backlot-LA, where everything in those days was filmed (even New Yorker 'Kojak' was filmed in LA). The best episodes were the ones with McGarret's nemesis Wo Fat, an extraordinarily evil recurring villain.

Given your high regard for the pilot script, I will give the series a try. Given CBS's current sked challenges, I would expect this series to go into Thursdays at 9 pm (it's old slot), with 'CSI' moving elsewhere in the line-up (probably Sunday nights).

I do hope the new producers find a way to incorporate the old classic theme into the re-boot.

I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming reviews of the other pilot scripts under evaluation, and am particularly keen to learn your views on the new NBC projects from Mr. David Kelley ('Kindreds') and Mr. J.J. Abrams ('Undercovers').

Anonymously, DuMont