Thursday, December 2, 2010

Confession Time - Fashion TV

I watched America's Next Top Model this season.

I know. I know.

Haven't watched it in years (and to think that, 3.5 years ago, in the first year of the CW's existence, I was talking about it with EPs on job interviews... because they watched, too).

The change in the prizes definitely made me interested again. I seem to have been the only one, as the ratings for this cycle continued the downward trend ANTM has been on since Cycle 9. The show retained some of the cattiness of prior seasons, but some of the outright silliness was stripped away... which was a good thing. For me, anyway. I don't think the models were outright "better" this cycle than those I remembered back when I was watching regularly (hell, in the finale, both finalists were criticized for their runway walks). But seeing actually well-known photographers and designers was an improvement. I'd be back for another "elevated" season if they did one. After all... there's nothing really going on at 8pm on Wednesdays for me (I've never been a Survivor watcher and I only watch The Middle when people have told me about a particularly good episode).

I seem to have an addiction to fashion-based TV. Despite the changes since the move to Bunim/Murray and Lifetime, I'm still watching Project Runway (no, I will not opine about this season's finale... except to say that the casting process really needs to step it up and find contestant who are both interesting personalities and capable designers... it can't be that hard, can it?)

I'm actually loving this season of The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection. It was a PR knockoff in the first season and Kelly Rowland was snooze-worthy as a host. But Iman is pure gold (especially if one takes the Tom and Lorenzo approach of picturing every line she utters as if said by a supervillainess... which isn't a stretch by any means) and they figured out a way to cover up potential lulls in the drama by making every week a team challenge (which tend to be Project Runway's most "dramatic" episodes). The designs aren't anything groundbreaking, but they've found a few interesting characters. Anyone else watching? I realize, based on the cellar-dweller ratings, you may not be. With the networks going into rerun mode / winter hibernation, you should take an hour to check it out.

Currently putting together a small blog on last night's Top Chef All-Stars premiere. Look for it later today :D

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