Thursday, March 3, 2011

Idol Semi-Finals

Some brief thoughts, as I've gotten out of the habit of tape-delayed blogging.

This season's semi-finals are as good a reason as any to abolish the "6 guys, 6 girls" in the Top 12 thing.

Because the girls killed the guys this week. Absolutely murdered them. And it's going to be really hard to see most of them go (especially if any of the 2-3 who didn't pass muster make it through)

At a maximum, I'd keep 4 of the guys (Jacob, James, Casey, and Robbie). Which means 8 girls. Which, based on last night, honestly, still means losing someone who did a good job.

A few of these girls have to go (and though I'm hopeful Julie sticks around because last night was NOT her best performance... last night she was subpar). These are the 8 I thought did well enough.
- Naima (early in the episode)
- Kendra (underexposed in auditions)
- Karen (apparently there was some backlash about the Spanish? If so... lame)
- Lauren Turner (underexposed, personality may not mesh with audience)
- Haley
- Thia
- Lauren Alaina (overexposed/hyped?)
- Pia

Of those, my guess is that Kendra and Lauren Turner wouldn't make it through because of underexposure... and I, personally, would opt for Julia (who can do better) over Haley, but, again, not based on last night's performance.

What are your thoughts?


Baqinardo said...

Agree about the girls, especially Kendra.
But for the boys, Robbie? Really?
He's not good. Voice and looking. LOL

Anonymous said...

Opinions are like A-holes, everybody has one.

I thought the guys were way better than the girls. We will see who wins at the end.

Travis Yanan said...

@ Baqinardo

Robbie would be the guy I'd drop to get another of the girls.

@ Anonymous

I'm not of the opinion that "who wins at the end" has anything to do with who is better. In fact, Idol is rarely an example of "the most talented wins."

Rocky F said...

I've got to disagree almost completely. I don't think a single girl in the competition are anywhere near the league of last year's Chrystal Bowersox. On the other hand, there were several standouts among the guys, especially Paul McDonald, who if there is any sense in the American public, would easily be the winner (not that I think the public has any sense, I've seen the ratings for Jersey Shore :) )