Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Really quick, because I haven't mentioned anything about this show and because the name of this blog still is, technically, "Travis Yanan Watches TV" and I suppose that I should, on occasion, prove I am still doing that...

I'm enjoying this show. Are you? It's easily the most interesting / intriguing of the new fall dramas that I've seen (I am not watching Starz's Boss, for some reason... but I've heard positive things), but with this fall's generally terrible network dramas, it would be with only Morena Baccarin's hilarious wig and nudity.


Claire Danes is awesome (even if I'm still waiting for anything to come of the fact that she's mentally imbalanced / has a mood disorder / is potentially bipolar but they haven't gone into it).

Also that spy-hooker got killed for her necklace.

That might be it.

I have hang-ups (also, I am watching as it airs, so this says nothing about anything that may be coming in future episodes).

The premise of the show, per the ads, is/was "the nation sees a hero, she sees a threat."

Yup. That's what the show is.

I'm waiting for it to be more. Because, right now, really the show is asking a yes or no question. Danes's character is either right about Damian Lewis's character (a Marine sergeant captured by a terrorist in 2003 and released / rescued / I can't remember in 2011) being turned or not.

So... there's that. And the show gives us little peeks that Danes's character doesn't get through her many (now disabled) super-spy-cameras (that were put everywhere in the Lewis/Baccarin home except the garage, sigh, blind spots due to having to not be caught in the act of spying) that seem to want us to think "yes, he is" because he now prays to Allah. ZOMG! I HAS A PREJUDICE.

But, yeah, if there doesn't wind up being some twist that takes the show beyond "yes or no" then I'm going to be disappointed.

Also, it only took four episodes for Danes's character to appropriate Jack Bauer's "THERE'S NO TIME" catchphrase.

I took a shot (ah, the good old days of 24-viewing-party-drinking-games).


Julia said...

I'm enjoying it to some extent, but it annoys a lot at times. I'm not yet sure if the annoyances outweigh the enjoyment. I haven't watched the latest episode yet, but the thing that's bugging me most is the very forced-feeling love triangle.

Em said...

I'm personally really enjoying it, and I think part of the enjoyment is how awful everyone at the CIA is, but I was slightly disappointed at how easily Danes(totally don't know her characters name) character took down the camera's, part of what I found really interesting, is in a post 911 world, how far is acceptable, like 24, doing illegal things, but the reasons are a lot more murkier in homeland, and I really hope they continue to play with that idea, but really the only thing I can fault it for is the calibre of acting may take away some emmy nods which could otherwise go to John Noble of Fringe

James said...

Actually, Revenge is great.