Thursday, September 15, 2011

Up All Night and Free Agents Series Premiere Quarter Hour Breakdowns


- 12.612 million viewers
- 7.6/12 HH
- 4.2/11 A18-49

- 9.282 million viewers
- 5.7/9 HH
- 3.3/9 A18-49

As I expected / postulated on Twitter, Up All Night's "solid" premiere following America's Got Talent's finale wasn't really so solid, given that steep 15-minute drop-off (and one can assume ratings continued to slide through the last 15 minutes, contributing to Free Agents' starting point). Personally liked it and hope it finds an audience at 8pm this Wednesday... but I wouldn't be surprised if sunk to low-2s (or below) next week as it has to self-start and the hour will (or all the pundits assume it will) be swamped by the X-Factor's premiere.


- 6.546 million viewers
- 4.2/7 HH
- 2.2/6 A18-49

- 5.694 million viewers
- 3.7/7 HH
- 1.9/5 A18-49

The positive news is that it didn't bleed throughout nearly as much as UAN did... but these results still aren't spectacular (and it did still lose almost 1 million viewers). Gonna be a rough road ahead as this show tries to find itself (or isn't allowed to).


Baqinardo said...

Wow. Thats quite fall for UAN. AGT overrun maybe?

Travis Yanan said...

Nope, no overrun. Just steep drop-off and tune-out. Which isn't ENTIRELY unexpected following the results finale of a reality competition... but is still quite a fall.