Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pilot Screener Review - Trauma

TRAUMA (script review: Trauma)
Status: Premiering Mondays, September 28th @ 9pm on NBC

Trauma is very, very slick. A lot of money went into producing it and it shows. Which is a good thing (you hate to see pilot where a ton of money was plunked down and it DOESN'T show on screen... and there are many examples of that).

But, try as it might... the Tramua pilot did not get me to give a crap about it's characters. I mean, even after some of their team dies in a tragic (and explosive) helicopter-on-helicopter crash of fire and death (which, hilariously, prompts Damages ensemble member Anastasia Griffith to scream her head off for a full minute... seriously, it's FUNNY). The characters are just not strong enough. The action is ultra-dramatic and played so straight that one hopes the show is going for camp value... but it's not.

Which we find out in the last third of the pilot, when the disasters of the week are taken care of and the pilot completely falls apart because there is no emergency to respond to that is keeping us engaged... as the characters definitely have not at that point won me over.

So, first 30 minutes? Pretty good, at least from a "ooh, fire pretty" spectacle level.

Last 15 minutes? Tune-out-apalooza.

Advice for future episodes: carry the disasters the team responds to through the end of the episode.

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