Friday, July 24, 2009

A Few Comic Con Updates

1) The 20-ish minutes of Flash Forward were awesome (a) the second time around, (b) on a bigger screen. The panel was well done, too, and I was pleased with the Q&A, especially with David Goyer, who seemed to indicate there are a ton of paradigm shifts along the way to the April 29, 2010 "flash forward" date (specifically pointing at episode 7). Glad I opted for this panel instead of BSG / Caprica.

2) I hear that, though billed as midseason, ABC's V will be premiering in November.

3) I hear that Jamie Bamber (BSG's Apollo) is appearing in the Dollhouse season two premiere.

4) The unaired Dollhouse episode, "Epitaph One," blew my mind. As well as everyone in the completely packed room. It was AMAZING. So outside the show's norm, and, really, just a frightening pleasure to watch unfold.

5) I hear that House Rules might not be dead... which excites me, despite my less than completely glowing review (of the cast).

Won't be getting to my Human Target review before tomorrow's screening... oh, well!


jsjbg4373 said...

Jamie on Dollhouse!!! Hope it's true. I will even take the time to watch season 1 if he's gonna be in the premiere of season 2.

ProgGrrl said...

So where'd you hear Jamie Bamber was going to be on DOLLHOUSE? I've been reading lots of Comic Con coverage this weekend and didn't hear boo about it... Just curious. :-)

Travis Yanan said...

i cannot reveal my sources, of course!

Travis Yanan said...

Not to be like Nikki Finke, but...