Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pilot Screener Review - The Middle

Status: Premiering Wednesday, September 30th at 8:30pm on ABC

This will be a very brief review, as it is a heavily negative review (and the time has gotten away from me this week and I have four other reviews to do before leaving tonight for Comic Con... whoops).

This is the second version of The Middle ABC has developed. Two seasons ago, Ricki Lake played the beleaguered matriarch of a midwestern family. Now, it's Patricia Heaton. The rest of the cast has changed, too (supportive husband, slightly annoying teenage boy, socially awkward teenage girl, slightly "special" 5-6 year old boy). But the script hasn't changed that much (nor has the costuming department, as Patricia Heaton seems to be wearing the exact same "superwoman" outfit Ricki Lake wore in the first attempt pilot). It mystifies me because the reason I didn't like the first version wasn't the cast... it was the lack of funny. And so, that problem remains (there are a few awkward moments that elicit a chuckle or two... but hardly worth the 22 minute investment).

I certainly won't be watching.

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