Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clean and Clear

So I'm not sure what qualifies as a good rating on A&E... especially for original drama programming. And not (at all) to compare the show to Mad Men (AMC's first original drama) I believe it's premiere did outrate the AMC series.

Which is a crying shame because from what I've heard, The Cleaner sucked.
The Cleaner (10pm, 57 minutes)
- 1.8/3 households
- 1.0/3 A18-49
- 2.580 million viewers

The ratings I got for the MLB All-Star game definitely don't go through the entire game, but here's what I have...
MLB All-Star Game (8:42pm, 180 minutes... so, again, not through the end)
- 9.3/16 households
- 4.5/14 A18-49
- 14.540 million viewers

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