Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Secret Grows and other final ratings stuff from Tuesday

Bah, never received Sunday finals so I have no idea about the details of Mad Men's return. Bah!

Anyway, ABC Family's Secret Life of the American Teenage continues to impress. And swell with what I'm sure is viewers, but it might just be a pregnancy pun.

This Tuesday's episode rated:
- 2.1/4 households
- 1.2/4 A18-49
- 2.5/8 W18-34
- 8.8/30 F12-17
- 3.576 million viewers

And for those who say Gossip Girl doesn't target teens and therefore comparisons are unnecessary... well, that's not true, because CW constantly touted its female teen numbers. Remember, today's F12-17 are tomorrow's W18-34. Also, it does matter that Gossip Girl had to contend with other finales in May... look at the ratings, not just the share numbers. Secret Life has double the teen girl share in this Tuesday's ratings as the Gossip Girl finale had, but over double the ratings points. There's something to be said for tougher competition... but it doesn't count for everything and it doesn't mask the fact that Secret Life is solidly kicking Gossip Girl's butt in this demo, and inching up towards it in the W18-34 category as well (only 0.1 rating points behind Gossip's finale... and, note the fact that its share was actually 1 higher).

In other news, Eureka premiered to:
- 1.8/3 households
- 1.0/3 A18-49
- 2.808 million viewers

I don't track the show enough to know if this is good or bad (or should I say better or worse than previous seasons).

Per a request on Big Brother's age breakdown... hope this helps, but I'm not sure how helpful it is since you really do need to see a mean age figure and compare that to CBS's mean age for viewers... which is something I don't have.
- 6.079 million viewers
- 0.8/3 T12-17 (only 0.2 above other CBS programs airing last night, which were repeats of NCIS and Without a Trace)
- 1.8/5 A18-34 (vs. 0.8 ratings for NCIS / 0.7 rating for WaT)
- 2.2/6 A18-49 (vs. 1.4 / 1.2)
- 2.6/7 A25-54 (vs. 1.9 / 1.6)

So, with the exception of teens, it looks like Big Brother has greater advantages in the younger demos compared to the other CBS shows... but then again, those are repeats.


Anonymous said...

Do you know something about The Cleaner? SCIFI posted that Eureka had 200.000 more viewers in A25-54, but nothing else.

TV-aholic said...

Speaking of A&E programs, how did the premiere of Paranormal State do on Monday?

BTW, we miss your participation and opinions on the PI Feedback forums.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the BB ratings breakdown, Travis. The question was asked as an inquiry as to whether BB was reaching a younger audience than the rest of the CBS shows or if it was primarily an old person magnet as well. It looks like it is a bit younger than CBS, but still pulling in old people, not youth.

Is Greatest American Dog the same way (comparing the over 49 vs. the under 18) in attracting mostly old folks when looking beyond the 18-49 demo?

As I recall, even kid Nation attracted a lot of older viewers. Do you think there is anything CBS can do to reverse the aging process enough to get their average viewer back down into the desired demographic?


TV-aholic said...

Obveeus, I know we have had this discussion many times over the last two years, but CBS does grab about the same number of viewers in the 18-49 Demo as ABC and NBC. Yes, FOX out does them all. BUT CBS is able to ALSO grab other viewers, older than 50 and younger than 18.

Why does it matter what the Percentages are?

Kid Nation did very well in the sub 18 age demos during its run. It was even able attract additional sponsors based on this Kiddy Demos.

Anonymous said... seem to be on vacation. When you return to the cyberspace, could you address the Secret Life demo skew?

The most recent episode reportedly got 4.1million viewers, 3.4million or so were 12-49females.

Do you have access to the total viewers female vs. male for this show? Is there any show on TV currently that skews more female than this one?