Wednesday, November 19, 2008

America's Next Top Mehdel

ANTM is not going to win fans back by continuing to kick fan favorite models out in 3rd place and leaving choices between "meh" and "bad" for the crowd. I mean... SAM!? Over Analeigh? Seriously? With those CoverGirl photos? SERIOUSLY!?

Good to see last season's ought-to-be-the-winner is getting booked like crizazy in the "Top Models in Action" segment. Love the brunette look on Anya sooooo much more than the Joely Richardson blonde.

Tyra pulled me back into ANTM this season with the tranny. But I'm just as disappointed with this finale, and with this season's contestants as a whole, as I've been the last few cycles. Cycle 8 had some spark, Cycle 7 was probably the best group of contestants the show ever had (at least from an entertainment standpoint... and from a modeling standpoint! CariDee? Melrose? The twins?) Since then it's just been crap, crap, and more bland crap.

Glad that Tyra, from her talk show, is giving Isis the sex change operation. You go, girls!

I think I may be done with ANTM.


Anonymous said...

"I think I may be done with ANTM."

You may wish you could quit shows , but ultimately you don't want to take the chance of missing something interesting , or you like being kicked around by your shows , and can delude yourself into believing the shows love you and don't mean to hurt you. :P

Travis Yanan said...

You're probably right. But I have managed to cut a lot of television from my schedule thus far this fall. Mostly new shows I didn't care for after a few episodes and sophomore season shows I figured would be canceled (in addition to not caring for anymore).

ANTM for me will always be a group watching show, so if my friends who I watch with are done... I'm done.