Friday, November 7, 2008

Back to the Island

Lost returns Wednesday, January 21st with a three-hour event (two-hour premiere following a one-hour clips show).


Now let's play scheduling shuffle.

Private Practice to Thursdays at 10pm following Grey's Anatomy (which will help the reported February sweeps crossover arc... although February sweeps is actually in March in 2009 because of the DTV transition... FYI)

Life on Mars to Wednesdays at 10pm, it should do as decently as it's doing now when airing against a currently weak NBC, CSI: NY, and having a more male-skewing audience in its lead-in.

Dirty Sexy Money is canceled (I've heard rumors that ABC told Berlanti to choose between DSM and Eli Stone and Berlanti chose ES).

Pushing Daisies is canceled, as I previously reported but it hasn't officially leaked out yet. But who knows what will be sacrificed to the (rusting?) Idol machine.


Seth said...

Travis, do you have the final numbers for Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Kinght Rider and ANTM??

Anonymous said...

i'm hearing differently about DSM's fate...

Anonymous said...

my guess (and frankly this is what I think they should do) is run the previous week's LOST at 8p, leading into the new one at 9p). The best lead in to LOST is LOST and it worked well last year on Thurs getting around a 2. Especially against IDOl this is teh best bet

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. :)

TV-aholic said...

As usual, your information is right on the Money!