Friday, November 14, 2008

So it's a tumor, right?

WTF is wrong with Izzie Stephens?


Anonymous said...

(a la Arnold) "It's not a tumor!"

Okay, maybe it is. Tee hee. :-)

Zedman2 said...

I guess it's not a tumour. Ask Ausiello has this on the topic:

"Shonda Rhimes on the line….She says she heard through the grapevine that I've been flooded with hundreds of e-mails from mostly irate and confused Grey's fans wondering WTF is going on with this bizarre love story between a dead Denny and an alive Izzie….She says she'd like to address Ask Ausiello readers directly via this exclusive statement....

"I think the love triangle with Denny, Izzie, and Alex is among the most interesting we've ever done. Watching the chemistry between Jeffrey and Katherine again has been really touching. I can't wait for our viewers to see where we're taking it. But what it won't involve is Izzie having a brain tumor."