Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dear God, It's me. Barney Stinson. What up?

I only realized what was happening on HIMYM 20 minutes into the episode when Ted and Robin walked into the bar and were fighting so Robin is going to stay somewhere else for the night.


Why did I wait to watch this until 9am.

Oh, right, I fell asleep in the middle of Heroes (yeah... I decided I was going to keep watching until the end of this arc... OMG that was the most retcon episode of television I HAVE EVERY SEEN).

Dammit, Ted and Robin made up and Barney and Robin aren't on. This makes me sad.

Marshall better get ready to have a kid fast... Alyson Hannigan is preggers.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Robin. She has no job, no apartment , and may be heading back to Ted. *shudder*