Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As If

After watching last night's Gossip Girl spin-off backdoor pilot, I'm quite glad the buzz around the project has been vacillating on a daily basis from "sure thing" to "dead" and back again. I can't make up my mind. I know I didn't love it, but it does have the potential for fun in the 80s in LA. Still, Krysten Ritter was the only character who popped (not that Ryan Hansen had a ton to do, but he's always enjoyable). I usually love Brittany Snow, but I wasn't feeling her take on Lily. Your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

I loved Gossip Girl last season but this season has been so boring and repetitive that I quit watching - all they're doing is pairing and unpairing the same couples over and over, Chuck/Blair, Dan/Serena, etc. I can't imagine Lily will be all that different. But I can understand why the CW is so desperate to capitalize on one of the very few hits they have. I'll bet though that this will be a "Joey," not a "Frasier."