Monday, May 4, 2009

NBC pickups... first round!

Alright! All four of my Thumbs Up / Jury's Out drama scripts from NBC were announced as pickups today (Parenthood, Trauma, Mercy, and Day One).

The news that Day One will be a "limited" (aka mini-) series actually turns my head on the project. You can pour money into something like that and have a good, entertaining product for however long they're going to do it AND THEN BE DONE WITH IT. But it just wasn't continuing series material.

Very excited to see screeners of all these pickups... my question now is "where's Legally Mad?" Was it so bad that they decided to incur the series penalty? Or just wait to announce it until May 19th when NBC announces its schedule (and say "it's midseason")?

Also no official word on Chuck... until May 19th?

1 comment:

TVBill said...

Woo hoo! Good call, TY!

Maybe NBC orders 13 (or less) Legally Mad, and holds it as a back-up if 'Leno@10' tanks? If not, they burn it off next summer?

So tough to tell, as it's part of that bigger Warner Bros. negotiation...