Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CW Pickups

Melrose 2.0, Vampire Diaires, and Beautiful Life are a go for fall.

Had heard a week or so ago that Body Politic was not going to be for fall, but still could be in for midseason. Gossip Girl spin-off has been varying between yay or nay depending on what time of the day it is and, THANK GAWD, is now officially dead. No word on Light Years (or whatever the title of it became, since it's no longer Light Years). Priviledged is also officially dead.

Seriously, though, CW. You *must* order something for midseason. You will be utterly, completely screwed otherwise, even with giving up Sundays.


Anita said...

Have you heard anything about The Game or EHC? I heard tvweek_joe confirm they were canceled, but I don't see his tweet anymore and no one else has said anything. Not sure if it's a case of 'don't spread the details until the 'next of kin' have been notified of death or what...

Anonymous said...

Yeah any info on "The Game" would be appreciated.

Annie said...

I heard that as of this weekend, it really seemed to be down to Privileged or Body Politic for midseason. I hope that Privileged being canceled means they'll go with BP, which I really want to see and I've heard good things about the presentation.

Unless they can't come to a deal with BP, then maybe they'll give that spot to Light Years? I know you didn't like the script but I heard the pilot was even worse.

I am kind of surprised about The Game, since it was so close to syndication and cheap to produce. Then again, considering this network, I don't know why I'm surprised at all.

At least BP has a very diverse cast, which might help them after axing The Game and EHC. Light Years is a white as Wonderbread.