Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 Broke Girls Series Premiere Quarter Hour Breakdown


- 20.467 million viewers (final minute of Two and a Half Men: 31.025 million)
- 12.0/17 HH (out of 17.7/25)
- 7.5/17 A18-49 (out of 11.4/26)

- 18.341 million viewers
- 10.9/16 HH
- 6.7/15 A18-49

Y'know... this is actually really solid sampling, given the event status of the Two and a Half Men premiere. Less demo bled from the middle of 2 Broke Girls than left the Up All Night premiere last Wednesday. There was so much curiosity tune-in to 2.5 Men (me, for one, and I've never sat through an entire episode before... plus I'd already seen 2 Broke Girls so didn't record it). We'll have to see how 2 Broke Girls fares out of HIMYM next week (which is likely going to be weaker than the 4.7/13 it posted at 8pm this week... though who knows...)

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