Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The New Girl Series Premiere Quarter Hour Breakdown


- 10.538 million viewers
- 6.2/9 HH
- 4.9/13 A18-49

- 9.992 million viewers
- 5.9/9 HH
- 4.7/12 A18-49

- 10.989 million viewers
- 6.4/10 HH
- 5.3/13 A18-49

What can I say, except great premiere results and we'll see how it holds up next week?

Oh, and the final minute of Glee:
- 11.397 million viewers
- 6.7/10 HH
- 5.0/13 A18-49

Those numbers look much more like immediate New Girl pre-tune in (since it was advertised to start at 9pm, not 9:01pm) than the rest of the Glee premiere's numbers and I don't recall the overrun minutes of Glee from last year being quite so starkly higher than the rest of the program (it's 0.7 A18-49 higher than the 8:45-9:00 portion).

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Anonymous said...

I assume the folks that dropped out half way throught already downloaded the program from iTunes. Everyone else was new!