Thursday, September 22, 2011

Revenge Series Premiere Quarter Hour Breakdown


- 11.098 million viewers (out of Modern Family's final minute of 16.365 million)
- 7.1/11 HH (MF: 9.5/15)
- 3.8/10 A18-49 (MF: 6.8/17)

- 9.980 million viewers
- 6.6/11 HH
- 3.3/9 A18-49

- 9.606 million viewers
- 6.5/11 HH
- 3.1/8 A18-49

- 9.449 million viewers
- 6.4/11 HH
- 3.0/8 A18-49

Lots of immediate drop-off, clearly, but after that the ratings are actually fairly steady. We'll see how it's affected by the presumably significantly smaller lead-in next week (besides just general post-premiere fall-off).


Craig said...

I have to say from 10:15-11p that seems to be among ABCs best hold for a new drama in years 3.3-3.0 fairly steady in viewers - Correct me if I'm wrong. That would coincide for the mostly very positive sentiment I have seen all over social media today. Curious to see the numbers for the ecnore Friday at 9. Do you koiw what the other nets numbewrs were from 10:30-11?

Anonymous said...

Can you please post 30 minute breakdowns for Modern Family? Because, technically there were two separate episodes.

Travis Yanan said...

Very steady for ABC at 10pm.

Tied with CSI with 3.1 and 3.0 in A18-49 at 10:30 and 10:45, respectively. Obviously, beat SVU, which was saddled with a horrible lead-in (but went from 2.3 to 2.4 in those same slots CSI and Revenge dipped 0.1).