Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Blondes and the Boys Have It

Well, it was inevitable that it would be David vs David on Idol. I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm certainly disappointed because Syesha deserved it more than Archie, based on performance. Also, Fantasia schooled the contestants.

Before we started watching this cycle of ANTM, my friend and I said "a blonde will win this cycle". No, it doesn't matter that neither Whitney nor Anya are natural blondes. Anyway, with Fatima's expulsion (because of that hideous commercial performance... also Nigel is shooting the Seventeen cover and we know he doesn't like working with Fatima), we're right. Also, this season has clearly had Tyra's "plus size winner" agenda front and center. I'll admit... it's pretty cool of the show to have a plus size model in the final two, and walking a fashion show in Rome wearing Versace no less. Based on the three snapshots of each girl they showed for the cover, Anya should win. As far as storytelling goes, it certainly would be a nice story for the show to have the girl who was in the Bottom Two for, like, four eliminations running be the winner. Look, she learned... sorta...! Saleisha (UGH!) has her awful hair back. Sigh. Gasp! Was this a semi-real fashion show? I'm actually having trouble telling. Only two looks? Okay, no, this wasn't real at all (what with Whitney and Anya staying on the runway and posing at the end of the show). Um... how come Tyra and Anya changed dresses between the show and the judging? Probably Whitney didn't because the first dress was, shall we say... not the right color or fit for her? Pink works on that girl, somehow. But, let's be honest... Anya looks more like a model.

Side note... I was kinda surprised there was no "coming Tuesdays this fall, 90210" 5-second interstitial. Oh, wait, nevermind, they had it at the end of the final, and therefore most-watched, commercial break.

I love that Paulina is like "um... it's obviously Anya, shut up, Tyra" and Tyra is all "suck my dick, bitch". Then Paulina is like "you know this show has never made a real high fashion model, right" and Tyra bites Paulina's head off and gives it to the girl that American men want to have sex with (seriously, though, in that pink number, she looked like a Victoria's Secret ad... just, like, 25 pounds "too heavy").

You know what, making the plus size model this year's winner? Almost sort of makes me want to forgive the show for Saleisha. Because it's a good message (even if it's still Tyra being self-serving).

But... really!?

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