Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top 3 Perform

A Top 3 I can be satisfied with! Wowza.


Judges' Picks:

Archie - Adequate, nothing amazing.

Syesha - Beautiful and impeccably dressed. I love that Randy (?) said she was number three instead of top three... why was Syesha's trip home just a video of her in a limo?

Cook - Round 1, Cook/Cowell.

Contestants' Picks:

Archie - Sung well enough (as always), but do we believe him singing "my boo" as a lyric? Not if I or Randy have anything to say about it. I'd have gone with something different if he was going to go modern (which the contestants haven't had a ton of chances to do this season). It just shows his lack of musical knowledge, to be honest. If he had to go recent, I'd have gone with a OneRepublic song. Since he's trying to court femme tween votes, I've have gone with Stop & Stare, which is a love song, over Apologize. But what do I know.

Syesha - Now that is a fun choice to go with her theatricality. Syesha has been running, um, "blazing hot" since ALW night. Loved that note at the end. I disagree with the judges. But, again, what do I know. Randy gave her a modern song to do... this showed another side of her personality. We all know she's going home no matter how well she sings, anyway.

Cook - Switchfoot. Very appropriate band choice. Probably better he didn't pick Lifehouse, if he was going to choose a semi-Christian mellow rock band (since his voice is so remarkably similar to Lifehouse's lead singer's). His voice has sounded better, but with the rockier arrangement, the edge and strained warble works, I think.

Round 2... Simon says tie, I give a slight edge to Syesha.

Producer Picks:

Archie - Zzz. Talk about treacle-y ballads. All of the judges just got fired for questioning the producers' song choice.

Syesha - Wow, so the producers suck. Either that or this has been intentional sabotage to see which contestant rises above. I don't get this one (not Syesha's fault).

Cook - Well, this one actually makes sense. Round 3 to Cook by a WIDE margin.

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