Tuesday, May 20, 2008

So Much To Say

Yawn. Wow, so I am behind on this whole "regularly blog" thang I semi-have going here.

I can explain.

I moved apartments this weekend.

Hence... yawn.

And speaking of yawn... WTF, Gossip Girl? That episode was poorly plotted, IMHFO. Not the entire thing... just the last act. I'm sorry, but you're a teen serial. Leave us with a bang (doesn't have to be literal, but some kind of huge, buzzy cliffhanger would do). Instead, the show limps off to summer with a One Week Later coda that seems to put 80% of the characters back where they started the series (not to mention mixing up, like, all of the teenagers' partners in lust... but in a matter of fact way that doesn't demand exploration, as opposed to that OMFG moment I kept waiting for). I don't get it. When Gossip Girl went on hiatus in early January, I couldn't wait for the next installment. September 1st? I'm not entirely sure I care that it's over three months away.

While on the subjects of narrative leaps, I think I'm in the minority on Desperate Housewives' five year jump. I like it as a reset button. There are plenty of blanks to be filled in... but only a couple that really matter (the central one being why is Susan not with Mike). Let's face it... the show, even though it had a creative resurgence due to Katherine Mayfair / Dana Delany, was getting tired. How many iterations of Gabrielle cheating on Carlos did we see? How much annoying crap with Lynette's preteen boys? This allows new kinds of stories to be told for certain characters without all the hullabaloo of, y'know, transitioning us there (so, in concept, I like it... in execution it seems like the show gave Lynette's storyline to Gaby and is aging Lynette's monsters five years and they're still going to be giant pains in the arse...)

But, hopefully, good riddance Andrea Bowen! May you never come back from college. And can suit-and-tie Andrew please get his gay storyline back? I mean, Brothers & Sisters follows the show... make it work, people.

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