Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Sometimes surprises are awesome.

So I got home at 9:57pm from the gym, changed my TV to Idol to see the result... and at 10pm, Ryan is saying "and the winner is --"

AND THE CHANNEL CHANGES BECAUSE MY NEW, BROKE-ASS FAUXVO didn't get the message that Idol was going to run long (my old one always did... this is something I will have to note for the future) wants to record. It flipped to Top Chef. Which was fine. I wanted that recorded. But apparently the new FauxVo was also recording a South Park repeat.

And I was like... WTF.

I hurriedly changed it back and was like "what?"

Then I was like "yay!"

And now I'm going to "shower!"

And then see IJ&tKotCS at 12:15am at the ArcLight...

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