Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miranda Bailey

I am in love with Miranda Bailey because she knows about Jacen and Jaina Solo.


All the reasons that the second three finale was wrong? The season four finale was right. This was a hopeful, fun finale (especially because the last act was basically EVERY SINGLE MAIN CHARACTER KISSING ANOTHER ONE... and also, major professional progression for the intern/first year resident characters). That actually makes me look forward to next season. It took all season... but I think, just maybe, the show is back on track.

I even didn't hate Lexie!

I've been waiting for Alex to have a breakdown every since we found out his father was abusive. Yay, plot!

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izikavazo said...

I'm actually surprised you know who Jacen and Jaina Solo are. Good for you sir. Are you up to date on the SW books now?