Tuesday, May 6, 2008

That Does Not Rock

Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame night of Idol. I'm so excited to watch the Davids, Syesha, and Carly, er, and Michael, um... and Brooke...

Enough of that.

David C - "Hungry Like the Wolf" - Mediocre. Not bad, but when compared to the times he's brilliant (which seems to be more than 50/50), it was just okay (or a'ight, if you'll accept the parlance). Much like the other times he takes songs and sings the original flavor.

Syesha - "Proud Mary" - Yeah, it's been covered almost as much as "Yesterday". Which she sang pretty well. But Syesha has, personality-on-the-stage-wise, come out in recent weeks. And this should be an opportunity to shine. Loved when she busted out some dance moves, even if in the faster parts of the song she got a bit shouty and strained. You go, girl.

Jason - who cares - terrible. Even worse, Ryan saying hello to Carly right before his video package. Honestly, at this point, I don't think Jason is even trying to stay in the competition. I kind of loved in his video package how he laughed when he was like "d'uh, Bob Marley". And it sounded like he was high. Nice...

David A - "Stand By Me" - Remember when Josiah Leming mutilated this song almost as badly as Jason just mutilated "I Shot The Sheriff"? I have a hunch that the beautiful girls, as well as infinitely more unattractive ones, will be standing by Archie... I'm surprised Paula hasn't offered to squeeze his head off and put it on her rear view mirror. Simon stops just short of calling it a master class... he hasn't used that one much this season.

David C - "Baba O'Riley" - Obscure choice, no? Wouldn't matter if you knew it... that was completely different.

Syesha - "A Change Is Gonna Come" - Despite comparing her experience of being in the Top 4 to the Civil Rights Movement... this is a great choice for Syesha, because after the fun of "Proud Mary" she needed a song to say "remember, I'm a kick-ass vocalist, too". Unfortunately, I think nothing's going to change. I think you're bottom two bound this week (what with the Davids in the mix), but you'd best not be leaving! I love how Idol always gets the perfect closeup of crying contestants. Weep!

Jason - does it really matter - even worse. How the hell do you forget the words to "Mr. Tambourine Man"? Ugh, and the cameras have Carly standing and clapping (probably thinking "how the f*** is this dips*** still in this competition?") How can anyone in that audience boo Simon telling Jason to pack his suitcase? How!?

David A - "Love Me Tender" - Okay, I have to ask. Why did Archie *pick* "Love Me Tender" if, in his video package, he admits that he doesn't know it too well? I mean... ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. COUNTLESS SONGS. SURELY (don't call me Shirley) YOU MUST KNOW TWO OF THEM WELL! Ugh. That's what pisses me off most about this season's contestants. They don't seem to know crap about music (it's been bugging since multiple contestants talked about not being familiar with the Beatles' songbook... ARGH). Archie brought the falsetto out to play tonight. Did anyone else flash to a Temple of Doom place when she said she felt David's heart tonight? KALI MA!

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