Friday, May 9, 2008

Cabin Fever

So... Lost.

Flashbacks = Locke as a wee baby. Incidentally, I love period pieces, but think Swingtown is shit.

First post-strike Freighter scene! Desmond still hasn't discovered buttons. Keamy shows up, 'splaining that Smokezilla tossed the people 50 feet into the air... BUT THEY DIDN'T DIE WTF.

Keamy attempts to shoot Michael/Kevin Johnson and is surprised that his bullets won't fire, as is anyone watching the show who didn't see "Meet Kevin Johnson". Silly Keamy, Michael can't die until the Island says he can. God, don't these people have video replay?

Skipping past the nonsense (I like that Ben says with extreme displeasure that he used to have the dreams that Locke is now having... it really is a weekly question who the real key player in this series is)...

We're back in the flashback. John was a premie but fought off various diseases. AND RICHARD IS WATCHING OVER HIM. Wow, can Cane please be officially canceled so we get more Richard?

Anyway, now John is older than a baby and Richard shows up at his house and invites him to Hogwarts. Ooh, John drew Smokezilla as a kid. Ooooh, Mystery Tales! What was the secret of the mysterious "Hidden Island" indeed! Was John Locke proto-Walt? Who else knows deep down how very wrong (or alternatively how very afraid) Richard is?

Michael Emerson's delivery is so dry. We love it.

Back on the boat. THE DOC COULDN'T DO ANYTHING FOR (name). DAMN YOU, TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM. Seriously, didn't "the doc" wash up on the beach an episode or two ago?

Fix my gun. Lol.

Hurley chooses to go with Locke. In the season premiere, he told Jack, in flashforward, he should never have gone with Locke. I believe this is what he was talking about, not the speech in the premiere that helped divide the camp.

Mittelos! Man, teenage John Locke was a whiny bitch. DON'T TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO! Oh, man, the Lost writers are really putting my squee through the ringer.

There's a freeze frame with Keamy that I'm pretty sure is going to have one of my friends shouting his thanks to the gods in our Lost e-mail discussion chain.

I'm trying to remember "Live Together, Die Alone". The bearing Ben gave Michael... I thought it was 3-2-5. Not 3-0-5. Shrug. Sayid motorboating to the rescue!

Destiny is a fickle bitch is definitely a Top 10 Quotes Ever contender (certainly in the Top 3 on the subject of Fate... though the Wonderfalls quote about Jaye letting the Universe stick its hand up her butt and making her dance...)

OMG Matthew Abbadon with Locke during his spinal injury recoup AND TOLD HIM ABOUT THE WALKABOUT. How uncomfortable are we with the idea of Locke owing Abbadon one?

And there's the cutting of the doc's throat. Okay, at this point, there has to be a future plan for this Keamy character.

Oop, captain's dead. So, yes, what is that thing on Keamy's arm? I hope we're not talking some sort of "my heart beats slower than 50 bpm and this bus blows up" device (by bus blows up, I of course mean there's some sort of wacky, possibly nuclear, detonation). I bet Frank is gonna take the copter off course / won't use the 3-0-5 bearing. Nah, that'd be too easy.

Oh, hey, look... the beach! Go, Frank!

Christian Shephard... oy. Brain go ouch. Can't wait for this explanation (which I guess will come in, what, two years?) Oh, that's right, Claire followed Christian into the jungle last episode.

To save the Island... move the Island? I'm. So. Confused.

Season finale, part one, next week!

... WTF?


BrittReid said...

"To save the Island... move the Island"
I believe the clue is in the comic book's cover...

Check out my blog at for a better look at the the cover. ;-)

BrittReid said...

I hate when Blogger deletes part of a long url...

Go to and it's one of the top couple of entries.