Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Couple Thoughts

First off, Cashmere Mafia is a show that I am not recording, but am perfectly willing to go over to a friend's house and watch (especially now that Top Model / Gossip Girl Wednesday has been thrown to the lions... until Top Model returns anyway). It's not a good show. It's better than a terrible show. But I've no need to see it. Especially given the ratings, since it won't be coming back and I think they only got 7 episodes out of it, so I doubt there'll even be any resolution to the stories. I did enjoy the last scene in the episode, though, with Frances O'Connor's character pointedly telling Krista Allen's Juicy Couture-wearing housefrau to shut up ("I can't talk, I'm on a conference call", digging at the Create-A-Bear Allen's character had her kids make for her). I'm not invested in these characters or situations, though, and I find most of them to be completely ungrounded... but in a way that I don't care for.

Meanwhile, Gossip Girl had a very fun forced-finale. At least the producers were wise enough to craft thirteenth episode (the one that would be the last if the show hadn't gotten a full-season order... and now is the last thanks to the ongoing strike) that changes the game up a bit. The dethroning of Blair Waldorf was a sight to behold, though I have to say I'm a little disturbed the show decided to re-villainize Chuck. I understood his actions as far as "jealous, spurned ex-lover" go, but when Blair came to him towards the end of the episode and he said that he wasn't interested in her any longer because she was used goods... that sucked. They spent eleven episodes taking us from "Chuck is a rapist" to "Chuck is a manipulative, privileged jerk, but he's entertaining" and now all I can think about is "Chuck is a rapist". I liked that Dan's confession of why he loves Serena is what prompts Serena to go after Blair and stop her from repeating Serena's own history. Can't wait to see what happens next.

My recording of Project Runway recorded, but for whatever reason Bravo's clock doesn't match my television's, and I didn't see who got auf'd... Kevin or Christian (I later read that it was Kevin). There are 9 designers left and these two were in the bottom two? Based on raw talent, I'd never have expected that. But Kevin's dress was unfinished and heinous, and Christian did a bad thing by blaming his client instead of himself for not pushing hard enough to get the dress where it needed to be. Meanwhile, Ricky cried once. Why didn't he get auf'd? He is consistently terrible with his construction and that dress was a mess, not to mention bland and it washed his model out (although I guess on the flip side, Kevin's was just as bad with regards to color and his model's complexion). Sweet P should have won, that dress was beautiful and that girl is going to see it in her closet twenty years from now and it'll still be beautiful to her. I was surprised Chris wasn't in the Top 3, but the show went for a Bottom 4 this time (to yell at immune Rami). At this point, the show needs to kick Ricky off. As soon as it does, it will have a pool of serious designers (I would have said it also needed to kick Chris off two weeks ago, but he's done a really stand-out job these last two episodes).

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Piper said...

I have been surprised by GG. I dont really know why I watched the premiere, but I did, and havent missed an episode yet. And last night's episode was great. Except for Chuck's comment about Blair and Arabian horses actually made me gasp out loud. So yeah.

Chuck is a rapist.