Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pissed Auf

Okay... I have this to say about Project Runway: it is completely unfair that Ricky remains in the competition while Kit is eliminated. Yes, I know, the buck stops with her because she was team leader, but week after week, Ricky produces poorly constructed, poorly designed garments. Cut him loose already!

Meanwhile, I am totally on board with Team Fierce.

And I really have to question Victorya and Jillian, who constantly complain about stress and lack of time management skills, but still produce the work they wanted and that the judges clearly liked. You may think you don't have time management skills, but the truth is, you just create things that take a long time to get right and thus come together at the last minute so it seems like poor time management. If you can rock a pair of outfits like those out in 2 days... yeah, it's gonna be stressful. But you get the job done. Poor time management would be if you were caught by the camera crews lounging around and not working.

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