Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Night TV

The Amazing Race: This has been one of the funnier episodes of the season in the first 10 minutes anyway. Random confessional/interview with Nate and Jen talking about "no more nice Nate and Jen" (which, um... okay...) then Jen can't pronounce Taipei and then Nate says that they don't know much about Taiwan, except that they like Thai food. Y'think!?!?!? Also, the road block? The person who does it is driven underwater for 17 seconds and has to hold their breath (naturally) so Phil describes as "if they are still alive when it's over, they'll receive their next clue." Yes! Yes!!! Kill Ron! The tea place thing... man, the Asian legs have been to Christina and Ron's advantage (her knowing Japanese and them both knowing Chinese). Anyway... with Nate and Jen gone... I'm conflicted. I'm not actively rooting for any of the teams. And I have no team to root completely against. SIGH. Also! What's with the show doing away with the Super Leg? Huh? WTF!?

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Too long since I've watch the original pilot to recall the tweaks. I seem to remember the school shooting scene to be more violent, but, well, I understand having to tone it down a bit after the Virginia Tech shootings last year. Obviously the show needed to use Summer Glau (and scenes she's in from the last three fifths of the pilot) to promote the heck of the thing, but it does make the "reveal" that she's a terminator (even if a friendly one) less impactful (IMHO). Now that it's been pointed out to me, it is very strange that she starts with a flawless impersonation of a weird teenager, but as soon as she's on the road with Sarah and John, she's... well... robotic. I really do love the idea of a Terminator time portal appearing in the middle of the 101 (I think that was the 101 anyway...) I think the last 2 minutes were new material, they definitely helped with my question of "okay, but what is the rest of the series?" after the massive reset button that was the pilot (well, in the sense that you know the agent guy is still after them). Eager to see what the series looks like tomorrow (with its massively reduces budget).

Family Guy: ... ugh, there just aren't words to describe how bad that way.

American Dad: Um, that (an American Dad parody of spy films, with the character playing various stock characters) should've been brilliant? But it wasn't. But it was waaaaay better than Family Guy.

Brothers & Sisters: Nice, frothy fun. An episode fairly like last season's "Something Ida This Way Comes" in that it was sort of an airing of issues, tied up a couple loose ends, unraveled a bit... but not that much in the eventful department. And I'm happy (if Holly is telling the truth) that Rebecca asked the question I was thinking during the episode about her mother's mysterious friend. I don't want Rebecca to not be a Walker! That ending was interesting... but you know that Isaac had something to do with Robert's competition dropping form the race, which is going to create wonderful tension between Kitty and Nora. Ugh, only two episodes left! And the next one airs... when??? My DVR doesn't have it as new next week.

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