Monday, January 14, 2008

Night Two

So, Sarah Connor kicked butt in the prelim ratings last night. Sunday finals will be available in the morning tomorrow to see how much the show gets brought down, if much at all (since the half-hour didn't have a drastic drop) because the show ran from 8 until 9:02.

Anyway, the second episode / the post-pilot episode aired tonight and here are some brief thoughts (other than, damn, it's the only show I'm watching on Monday nights).

- I like the intro that leads into the title. Quick, easy, gets you pretty much up to speed, and has nice explosive fireworks and effects from the pilot.
- So long as the narration from Sarah is kept to a bookend, like it was in the pilot, I'm cool with it, as it does help pull focus to the central issue.
- Summer Glau is a rock star. The scene where she mimics the Latina chick leaning on a car's grill? Inspired.
- It really says something that David Nutter directed this episode. He's got an amazing track record for directing pilots and then they get on the air... but I don't recall many series that he opted to direct again.
- This episode is physical-action (and physical-effects) heavy, and special-effects light. I expect that to be par for the course. The speed of the scenes definitely helps with keeping the action-packed feel of the pilot. Some nice stunt work going on.
- Meanwhile, John Connor is an idiot. Seriously, I think he's the new Kim Bauer.
- My god, they redressed, I think, every inch of the Warner Bros. studio lot.
- Headless Chet was cool.

In short, this show is the exact opposite of Bionic Woman (despite a supposed almost million dollar difference in budget, plus BW shot in Canada for a little bit of extra bang for buck). It has emotion, it has story, and it has "wow".

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