Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday TV

Idol: Okay, even if he hadn't figured the words out, the judges would have to be real tweedledumbasses to not let Jason Rich through. Maybe no immediate star quality, but a gorgeous voice. Not quite as "aw, shucks" as the season's other singing farm boy (Drew Poppelreiter). I absolutely love that girl who accidentally said she was going to be America's Next Top Model. Angelica Puente's voice has amazing range, I hope she can develop her own sound by the time Hollywood rolls around. And Randy recommended mirror time to the rocker guy (how can you be a rocker without, er, stage presence/persona?) Can't remember the name of the girl, but whoever sang Norah Jones... I liked it, the show needs a good, jazzy voice in the mix.

House: OMG, I've been waiting for this episode for months (and there are only two left...) What does the post-Survivor format look like? I'm watching now... no new opening credits? Sad day. They're credited as "Also Starring". Interesting. Also... Christmas episode? Oh, Fox scheduling department... oh, Preston Beckman... oh, writers' strike. Anyway... House went to talk to the patients' daughter really quickly (for him). I persist that I don't give two shakes of a fist about Ministud/Taub. Where the heck are Cameron and Chase, goddammit!? The show needs to figure out a way to include them. So, this whole episode is basically House fucking with his new team in order to make sure they're always on their toes and always looking over each others' shoulders and questioning each others' diagnoses (and I absolutely love that Thirteen sees through his bullshit and wants to drive him nuts). Smart, but... eh? Hah, Jennifer Morrison's lone scene is a mit-out-sound montage.

The preview for the not-supposed-to-be-post-Super-Bowl-but-post-Super-Bowl episode looks gimmicky... man, I wish they'd gone with their two-parter idea instead of making some mechanic at the South Pole into Izzie Stevens (preview basically has him drilling a hole into Mira Sorvino's head).

Nip/Tuck: EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, the opening consult (newlyweds trapped in car during honeymoon resort to mild cannibalism because one has hypoglycemia)... wow, I'm sorry, I think this may be my last episode of this show. BWAHAHAHA! Okay, they just saved their bacon with that "We're CAA" bit. They do look like they're CAA... except, um, no, the assistant does not walk with the agent. The assistant stays in the Death Star while their bosses go to poach clients since said talent's agent is under the knife (would I be terribly surprised if this were based on a true story? It's CAA... so nope!)

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