Friday, January 18, 2008


Saw Cloverfield last night, so too tired(ish) to do a full recap of last night's TV that I watched (basically... Ugly Betty good, Big Shots quite a bit of fun when in the Duncan and Brody storylines).

I'm a bit disappointed that Make Me A Supermodel skips right from the end of one episode with elimination at stake to 4-5 mornings later when one of the wannamodels is eliminated. I want to know what they do in the interim! Although that certainly would make the process of editing the show together harder (having to find stories over 4-5 days of non-eventful filming and cut 'em up and stick 'em on the air in under two weeks). I guess all they do is shop, eat, and work out? Anyway, this week was makeovers, and it didn't exactly have the flair and craziness of a Top Model makeover episode... which I think is actually good because it wasn't changing the models to Tyra Banks' evil whim so much as it seemed to be about helping the models (only one went completely away from her natural hair color). The weekly/episodic measurements are definitely the show's most unique point (other than having the elimination at the top of the episode... which they string out to like 5 minutes... ugh... what at are they going to do for the finale?) The weight/inches gain/loss in various areas and the reminders to lose weight/inches healthily is good... but without showing the viewer the interim days between putting models up for elimination and eliminating them, we don't actually get to see how/why these people are gaining/losing weight/inches.

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