Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Non-Fierce Wednesday

Sigh, no Project Runway this week.

Anyway... Idol. A thought occurs. Has Paula ever said "no" and Randy and Simon said "yes"? Because I feel like she's always sending people through to Hollywood when the other two judges disagree. And little else. Anyway... Miami was pretty uneventful for me, dawg. Syesha Mercado had a big voice... there was the requisite Shakira look-somewhat-a-like with big hoop earrings... and OMGYOUGUYS remember American Juniors LOLZEEZ girl.

Lost: The annotated "Through the Looking Glass" got off to a bad start for me (not the episode, the annotations). Um... why not save telling people that the non-Island stuff was a flash-forward until later? Why blow the wad in the first 5 seconds (why not wait for one of the later flash-forward sections, and point out things about technology that wouldn't have existed pre-crash, for instance)??? Not to mention the annotations for the rest of that scene (I'll tone this down as I watch... hopefully the pop-ups won't be as terrible throughout)... "Jack looks troubled" and "Looks like a bumpy ride, but Jack doesn't seem to mind." Really, annotations? REALLY!? Okay, it looks like the annotations get a bit more informative once we get to the Island (and even have pop-up images to show what character is being talked about as the annotation explains the context of what's going on). Also they develop a sense of humor... somewhat. Bad call not annotating Charlie's brief flashback to Desmond telling him about the images surrounding his death at the Looking Glass station.

BWAHAHA, someone needs to put the Sawyer character promo set to "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood on YouTube. If you missed it, it started at around 9:54pm. Hi-freaking-larious. The 10:46pm Locke character promo set to "Crazy" by Patsy Cline was just "a'ight".

... goddammit, "Through the Looking Glass" is such a fucking brilliant episode of television...

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I'm guessing that the reason for letting people know it was a flash forward right away was because anyone that watches LOST already knew that. Someone watching it for the first time might be confused, so I think that was for new people. Just a guess.