Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Night

OMFG so much TV tonight. I've decided that Grey's and Lost are must-see tonight. After that, if I'm still awake, I'll do The Office and possibly 30 Rock. Ugly Betty and Scrubs can wait.

Anyway... Grey's is back! Despite the "eh" of the fourth season following the crap of the end of season three... I'm thrilled. Excited. Will the show come back strong? I don't know if it can reclaim the "do no wrong" magic of the second season... but I'm excited. Mer is finally seeing a psychologist. Good idea. Mer isn't talking to the psychologist... sigh. For this show to truly get back on track, Mer needs to find her path. The resident contest seems entertaining enough... I want to see more of cutthroat Cristina. And less of cockroach-killing George (or just less cockroaches). Love Izzie freaking her swollen ankle patient out (incidentally... Cheech!) Love Hanh/Callie. Want to see as few scenes that have both George and Izzie in it as possible. Mer's sister (WTF is her name?) trying to see how hospital supplies could substitute for home furnishings, cutlery, bowls, etc. Jason O'Mara... well, ABC is trying to get their mileage out of his million dollar holding deal. And Clea Duvall! I miss Carnivale. Yay, Mer forced through medical case to interact with Derek... sorta. Almost. I'm waiting for the metaphor for the "intestines in the hand!" Remember medical cases as metaphors? It's been so long... Bailey calls Yang a kiss-ass. I want to see George back with Callie (maybe it will be a brain tumor). Although it seems like they're pointing him in the direction of Mer's sister (WTF is her name?) Aw, Mer continues to shut down all attempts by her sister (WTF is her name?) to connect. Bad, Mer. Hah, Sloan wants to have a manslut contest with Derek. Chief: "Yang, no running in the hospital!" Izzie does as Izzie used to do... care so damn much for her patient that she's actually (semi-)convincing to Bailey that she's more concerned with finding whatever might, might be wrong with her patient than the contest. Mer screams "Tumor!" as she gives a "touchdown" signal. LOL. This episode has been really enjoyable. It's not great, but it is fun and if they can bring the fun back to this show... then I'll be pleased. Maybe it's just the halo of OMFG NEW GREY'S! Aw, the scene with Alex and the Chief is kinda touching. I really hope they bring Karev's abusive father into the show to give him a plotline like all the other young people have had. "Interesting" how there are ads for Dempsey's movie and the DVD release of Heigl's ;) ABC's ads for Lost have actually been pretty well tailored to attract women (a lot of emphasis on Ben's daughter being in danger... oh, heartstrings). OMG the sparkle pager. That is a fantastic idea. From a "could be hilarious" point of view. From a "emergency surgery, lives hanging in the balance" point of view... the height of Mt. Dumb. I'm confused about why Mer, Cristina, Karev, and Izzie are the only residents participating in this contest. It's been a point of contention of mine throughout the show, and especially this season since the characters became residents instead of Bailey's interns (who, for interns, scrubbed in on a lot of surgeries). Whatever. TV magic... Aw, George is giving a thesis statement for the show... he's going to stop complaining and start focusing on what's good. That was a nice episode. Very pleasing. Not a great episode for this show (which you wouldn't know from the above... I tend to flail about various moments in Grey's and then realize the sum of the parts doesn't have quite the same magic as the parts did).

The next time, though... Addison is back. Ugh, and she's gone the way of Alyson Hannigan... why won't TV let us have our hot redheads with their natural, fiery hair color? But. She's back and she's going to tell Meredith to fight for Derek. Only Addison could. Only Addison has the right to. Excitement!

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