Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday Night Reality TV

Watched Top Model and Top Chef at a friend's. Unspectacular episodes. Top Model was particularly felt manipulative... this is the last cycle for me. Claire's ejection last week sealed it.

American Idol... skipping past the first couple acts, Ryan has started splitting groups into the left and right. I'm sensing a Jennifer Hudson-esque exit, remember season three when George Huff (or whatever his last name is) had to choose which group of three to join at the end and everyone was shocked when the three divas were the bottom three (he chose them as the group he thought was not the bottom three and was told to join the other contestants)?

As we head into the last contestant (and you knew it was gonna be cute-as-a-button David A)...

Left group: Jason, Carly, Syesha
Right group: David C, Kristy, Brooke

So, obviously, David C is somehow in the bottom three and that's this week's "shocking lesson". No way he goes home, though... right? This doesn't make too much sense, though, because you have the four girls evenly split between the two groups, and they were all varying degrees of mediocre, and you have Jason and David C, who both got pretty high praise.

Mariah performs. Thankfully, it's not "Touch My Body". That was done on SNL a few weeks ago and it was just not good live. I love that Mariah's ear thing (ugh, I can't remember the acronym for that thing you put in your ear and it plays the music so you stay on pitch) is all glittery. And her jewel encrusted microphone and mic-stand. Diva!

Okay, now David C is being told to switch with Syesha, which says to me that the group now containing Brooke, Kristy, and Syesha is somehow the safe group, while one of Jason, David C, and Carly are going home (Jason!)

Gotta hate the Idol producers for making David A do this. Why are people surprised? This is a rerun.

Or not, and it's the Brooke, Kristy, and Syesha who are in the bottom three.

That was a waste of time and suspense.

If Brooke leaves before Kristy, I will be very put out by Middle America.

Oh, thank god. Now, Middle America, vote Democratic in November (you know you want to... even if both candidates keep trying to dissuade you with their, like... actions... and words...)!

Not that Kristy was, by any means, Sanjaya... but this was the week Sanjaya went home, too. And now we have the Top 6 and, really, 6 incredibly different styles of vocalists.

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David Dust said...

I didn't get to see AI last night - thanks for the lowdown. Good riddance to that country-singing biatch Kristy Lee Gifford Cook...

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