Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Inspiration Week on Idol

Warm fuzzy feelings!

I have a bit of time tonight so I'm actually gonna do an Idol post!

Did I hear right, that the Idols are going to be phoning it in for charity tomorrow night? Loverly...

Michael - "Dream On" - He was off pitch. Though I liked when he broke into falsetto. I don't think any of the guys have done that so far this season. Still... eh. Paula's comment about him sounding as good as he looks... what a backhanded slap in the face! Honestly, I don't think he's as good looking as he was at the start of the season. And whoever dressed him... what the hell was with the scarf?

Syesha - "I Believe" - I love Syesha, and I've (mentally, anyway, since I haven't been doing big Idol posts in recent weeks) defended her when she has gotten to take on the big songs (even if I would have preferred others had gotten to sing them). But enough is enough. She broke the cardinal rule... don't sing Idol winner songs! Because, really, Fantasia wipes the floor with Syesha. Syesha can sing the notes... but she totally lacks the emotional connection with the song. In fact, that's been a theme this season... generally amazing singers, but not yet amazing vocalists. They can sing the songs. But has a single one of this talented bunch come close to tears while singing their hearts one (not that Fantasia's performance of "Summertime" should be the barometer for all Idol performances... but it is a bar). Maybe Brooke during her "Let It Be"? And not that all of the contestants should bring me to tears... David Cook, for instance, doesn't have that style.

Jason - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - Well, it's definitely a version more appropriate for Jason than what McPhee sang. But again... technically good singing. But my knees aren't weak. Just like his "Hallelujah", I don't get what the judges adore about this performance. Which is really weird because I literally buy into the vibe of music Jason sings. Le shrug.

Kristy - "Anyway" - I'm kinda surprised she isn't busting out "Amazing Grace". Anyway... my god, has Kristy always had swimmers' shoulders? It's an incredibly appropriate song for Kristy. And everything about Kristy literally sparkles (her tank top, her belt, her glitter-laden make-up). Her best performance? Possibly.

David C - "Innocence" - Our Lady Peace is David C's favorite band? Oh, my he just lost points with me. I mean... favorite? David runs into a problem this week... I think the first verse is too fast for him. Also, his best performances have been when he takes a cover version with a very different arrangement than the original version of the song... and when he isn't doing that, it actually appears (IMHO) to be a safe, normal, blah performance rather than ZOMG TEH AWSOME2. Ugh, that "give back" thing on his hand was cheesy. Well, he's not going anywhere.

A tangent... Paula's boobs have to fall out of that thing at some point, right?

Carly - "The Show Must Go On" - Carly singing Queen... I wonder if Michael wanted to sing this but Carly got it? I demand Carly sing Evanescence if she gets the chance. The things I bet she could do with Amy Lee... the background drowned her out a bit, no? I don't know if it was an angry performance, but it was definitely not an inspiring one.

David A - "Angels" - Can I just say that I love this song, before hearing him say it? It is haunting, beautiful, and makes Robbie Williams classy... which is HARD, ya'll. Like, I cannot listen to this song without getting choked up. That moment about four minutes into the song, where his voice breaks oh-so-slighty, the hint of desperation... sigh. That's what I'm talking about, connection emotionally to a song. Archuleta singing it seems appropriate. Sigh. He sings it will. Sometimes I wish he'd stick with the melody more. He's a far superior singer to Robbie Williams. Somehow, Robbie's is more haunting. Again, again, again... amazingly talented singer, just not enough emotional connection. I disagree with Randy. This wasn't as good as "Imagine". Simon says the song was never a hit in America... huh. Could've fooled me. I need to go listen to it (and have it give me goosebumps because it always does) before going on to Brooke.

*listens* *whimper*

Brooke - "You're Got a Friend" - Seems like a great choice for Brooke. Hard act to follow, though. She needs to rebound after a few not so great week. Brooke has the vulnerability in her voice that I think could work well with the song... and with this theme. She didn't quite get there on this song for some reason.

Bottom 3 performances - Carly, Michael, David C

Thursday's Bottom 3 - Carly, Kristy, Syesha

Going Home - Syesha

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