Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay. Reality recap.

Top Model. We're in Rome! Hooray... ish. Lauren still can't walk. She can't stand up straight. And she gets sent home. Two weeks too late. Claire would've kicked the crap outta that CoverGirl commercial (which, really, they had a TON of lines to memorize in a foreign language).

Top Chef. This was not a particular inventive week for the challenge, instead it was just "look, here's another curve ball we're throwing under the guide of 'improvisation'. That said this was the first week where the judges basically said "all the dishes were good, so we have to get really nitty-gritty". I really wish Lisa had gone home, because I can't stand her... but oh well.

American Idol. Um... recount? This is a sad, sad surprise elimination on Idol. I mean... the bottom two was entirely wrong (and without there being a bottom three... inexcusable). But Leona Lewis sang (unlike Mariah) which was awesome. Mostly because she vocally puts every Idol contestant, like, ever to shame (possible exception: Fantasia). Still. This elimination, and this bottom two, is an embarrassment. Embarrassing for America, really, considering, um... the Jason and Brooke of it all. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't suck hard. It was nice both Carly and Syesha got to perform again tonight... because it shows how wrong this was. And I really wish the judges would've said so more often and more loudly and with more "shame on you" judgment. But, hey, if Kelli Pickler gets a recording contract... Carly will. You know, the above is all a little unfair... this was the right Top 6 (or, rather, if Michael Johns had made it to Top 7, it would've been the right Top 7). And within their niches (and every one of these six people have different styles of music... none of which was musical theatre), every one of these Top 6 ought to get a contract and has the potential to be a star (even Jason). Next week is Neil Diamond... WTF. Did they forget about CONTEMPORARY MUSIC!? They haven't done a single week where the theme lets the contestants choose songs from, like, the last 5 years. Travis is UNHAPPY.

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