Thursday, April 10, 2008

Idol Gives Back... to Whom?

So I'm fast forwarding through the random sections of Idol Gives Back (what, it's after midnight...) and I see Teri Hatcher getting pissed at Carrie Underwood as James Denton fixes her "dressing room" sink. And I'm thinking... wow, ABC could not have asked Fox for a better promotional platform to help relaunch Desperate Housewives (which returns this Sunday! Yayz!) Plus... Band From TV! I was surprised the camera gave so little time to Hugh Laurie and Jesse Spencer (who are, y'know, on a Fox show). Of course, this came during the 7:30-8pm half-hour, probably the least watched section of the night.

Oh, dear lord... they let DAVID BECKHAM SPEAK. That is just so wrong. At the same time, Idol certainly is one of those shows that features people who have voices much different than their bodies... so I guess it's appropriate? Still.

In other news, South Park was funny and a rare "typical sitcom format" episode (A-plot, B-plot). These are my least favorite episodes of South Park because the plots don't even try to come together at the end, and that's one of the things South Park does soooo much better than most comedies. That said, the way the show used the Pregnant Transgender Man and the Ear Rat to get Ms. Garrison back to Mr. Garrison was inspired, as was Cartman becoming an inner-city teacher (as soon as he brought out the razer and started to shave his head, my brain really did flash to "Stand and Deliver" and damn if it wasn't hilarious) teaching the "White People Method" of how to cheat to get ahead (plus all the New England Patriot-bashing). Love it. But, again, it doesn't come together at the end, which is sad because it could've been that much better. Still funny, though!

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