Thursday, April 10, 2008

Idol Cuts One

I'm would at all be surprised with Idol not going the route it went last season by having a non-elimination week. It would be a little too predictable. Plus it would be a slap in the face to viewers who, this year, knew going into Wednesday there would be no elimination that night (and about 20% of regular viewers didn't tune in at all)... so why have the Thursday night special edition if you weren't going to send someone home? I mean, besides the ratings.

I am surprised Michael is going home (take that, the ascot). Still, looking at him... he could EASILY replace the guy who plays Mike Traceur on the new Knight Rider.

The show is obviously running short, because they are really extending this "Michael leaves" section WAY too long. So I suspect a "rug pulled out from under him" moment. But it doesn't come. Poor guy literally had to stand there for ten minutes waiting to sing his goodbye.

Meanwhile, what'd people think of the three presidential candidates' videos? I was equal on Hillary and Obama... but, wow, McCain should not do comedy.

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