Monday, April 21, 2008


Oh, Little J...

I've decided that I really, really, really missed Gossip Girl. I do know the exact episode that the show stopped being something I watched because it was "so bad it's good" and made for very easy ridicule and became, well, obsession. Regardless... it was severely missed (by me, anyway, we'll see the ratings in the morning) the last three months and this was a very good episode to come back on. Mostly because it reminded me of why it is the guiltiest of pleasures. Every week is like watching a new trainwreck. It is impossible to stop staring.


"Sandcastles in the Sand" happened on HIMYM. I haven't been able to get the song out of my head for the last week. And what a FANTASTIC episode. Barney/Robin! Who'd've thunk it (would ever leap from fanfic to canon)? Why does everyone in Canada on HIMYM sound like they're from Ireland? Also... they totally uglied the Beek. I mean, even more so! The whole conversion when Marshall and Lily become Robin's parents. Can we keep Michelle? The robot!

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