Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great White Way

So, the judges think this is going to be a tough week for the contestants. I disagree. The main problem this season, apparently, hasn't been the talent, it's been the connection to the songs and the personalities showing up on stage. Well, if there's any cure for that... it's showtunes.

Syesha knocks "One Rock and Roll Too Many" out of the park. But she's in first position so unless people fuck up royally, she's going home (and is almost certainly Bottom Three fodder).

The idea of Jason singing musical theater scares me. Also his interviewing scares me. The result... kinda truly astoundingly awful. I don't even like Cats, but I'm pretty sure he skinned a couple up there on the Idol stage. There has to have been a better song in the ALW songbook for Jason to sing, something better suited to his vocal range (or lack thereof). I fear for Brooke. But I'm also schadenfreuding to Jason potentially going home.

I love "You Must Love Me." Goddamn, I hope Brooke sings this well. She's been flailing, to be honest, since the first Beatles week. Oy, she stumbles at the top of the song again. That's twice this season... not sure she should get a(nother) "start over". This needs to be amazing to make the judges not tear into her. I actually liked that she didn't do the expected power belt note at the end, instead going towards the breathy theatrical ending. Ultimately, the judges reprimand... but forgive? Sorta?

David Archuleta is singing a song that's supposed to be sung in a big, operatic soprano (IIRC). Yeah. "Think of Me" is one of the most well known songs in this songbook... and David A chruns out a kinda pop-ballad version. Not sure how I feel about it. He sings really well... if drearily. But I'm just not sure how I feel about it (this is like sacrilege... btw, Phantom was the first musical I ever went to, so, yeah). He does keep his eyes open for the first time, like, ever... tween girls are gonna go nuts.

Carly gets lessons in choosing songs from Andrew Lloyd Webber. WOW. Why have none of the other mentors helped her with her tragic song choices? Because she was TOTALLY off the mark with "All I Ask of You" and this performance ROCKS. Not her best vocal, not her most controlled, but it ROCKS.

David Cook... grew up doing musical theater? Combine this with Our Lady Peace being his favorite band and I just don't think I can judge this book by its cover or sleeve any longer. He's doing "Music of the Night", though... pre-performance swoon. This is the Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber song. Thank gawd he didn't change this song up, he just did it straight. The first time he's done the original version of a song that I think has been anything more than mediocre. It's not as good as his "Eleanor Rigby", "Billie Jean", or "Always Be My Baby". But whatever. It was "Music of the Night".

Either Jason or Brooke would be going home if this was based on this week's performance alone. But it's not. Syesha will fill out the bottom three with Jason and Brooke, and will probably go home.

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