Thursday, April 10, 2008

Comedy Night Done Right

So I don't watch Earl. But I do watch the other three comedies on NBC Thursdays. So let's get laughing, shall we!?

30 Rock. We left this show with what was either an inspired or insipid musical number in "Episode 210" (snerk). And we open on... MILF ISLAND. FRAK YES. I love that Frank's hat just says "or". "Erection Cove". "How long is this gonna take? Our pizzas are downstairs and the tribunal is about to make one of the last four MILFs hang up her bikini top". The MILF Island elimination phrase is "We no longer want to hit that". How did Pete get his shirt off? Not enjoying his runner... it's kinda hackneyed. It better have pay off! Hahah, Kenneth the Page hiding behind a cutout of Wolf from American Gladiators. Where is Jenna? "Chocolate chocolate chocolate, ack!" "The truth will come out. Like my cousin Stephen after he went to music college, it will come out." Brit Ishman.

A "B-" episode. Not the worst of 30 Rock, but far, far, far from the best.

The Office. My talking heads are back! Oh, dear, there's a video camera in Michael and Jan's bedroom. Tuna!!!!! Andy has a coat, a sweater wrapped around his neck, a shirt, and a turtleneck on. Something about this episode is off... I kinda wish the show came back with an episode that took place AT THE OFFICE. "You have no idea the physical toll that three vasectomies have on a person!" THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!

A "C". Really not that funny. Very disappointing. Awkward situation ≠ definitely hilarious.

Scrubs. It's late. If there's anything really amazing, I'll post tomorrow.

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